Each person that shows YOUR flyer is counted TOWARDS the total donated to the organization 


 Step 1: Pick a date and promote

  •   It can be any Monday-Wednesday from 5pm to 8pm
  •   Your organization will need to promote the event. We suggest using flyers, social media, news media, etc. We provide you with customized flyers for promoting your event. All you have to do is distribute them and spread the word!
  • All your guests must do is show the flyer via print or mobile when checking out and their order will go towards your organization. 

 Step 2: Staff the event

  •  There must be someone from the organization at the restaurant the entire time of the fundraiser. Use this to talk about your organization or cause.
  •  Set up a booth at our restaurant during the hours of your fundraiser for maximum return!



Fill out the form below to learn more and request a fundraising date at one of our locations. Please include your organization name, PIZZAFIRE location and event date (Monday – Wednesday)

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